Babby's first devlog

I made this game during Unity Brighton Game Jam #3! I had the idea to create a clicker that couldn't be abused by using click spamming tools, and I've been thinking about making something witchy themed. The theme was "Stories" and I wanted to tell a story without explicitly telling a story. Witchy Clicker is the story of growing your prowess and improving as a witch.

Since I had made a small clicker in the past, I already had some very basic maths worked out, so I just had to make it work for three different items and currencies. The 'Cost' is done with a serializable class, and I set the values in the inspector. There is a separate UpgradeManager script to control the upgradable items (not including the auto clickers). Each auto-clicker has its own script. It's not very neat, but it was game jam code :)

On the first night, I mostly worked on art using an old graphics tablet and GIMP. I wanted something hand-drawn (and I also wanted a chill game jam- the last one left me exhausted for weeks). The initial plant pot was really plain- definitely not something a witch would own. I turned to my fellow jammers for witchy inspo (witchspo) and they definitely delivered. I made the rest of the art throughout day 2, as well as doing most of the code. Day 3 was mostly spent adding polish and adding little decorations to the room.

The tooltip system is not by me- that was all Matt. He was working on making some windows for his game, and shared his tooltip code for me. This was great because I needed to show how much things cost, but I didn't want the UI littered with text. That's also why I replaced some words with emojis. This isn't supported natively in Unity- I used TextMesh Pro. (

I definitely had my fair share of bugs throughout the game. UI not updating properly, panels scaling incorrectly, negative items... Thankfully I was surrounded by smart people during the jam and got help when I needed it. I very recently fixed the negative items bug. It was just an incorrect if statement (goddamn gamejam code and goddamn copypaste) and I fixed that post-jam so people could play it here :) I've noticed more bugs, but they're not game breaking right now.

Future features I'm thinking about

  • More upgrades!
  • Restart button
  • New game plus option
  • Stackable auto-clickers
  • Visible stats (eg how many clicks per second)- I'm thinking of displaying this on a bookshelf or something
  • Random events? (eg "Your cauldron has sprung a leak! You're losing potions! Use 50 spells to repair?")
  • Visible changes to the room as you get more powerful
  • A visible witch character
  • Cosmetic changes to the character

Thanks for playing!

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